Max Fritz

Personal Trainer

Janelle Rogers

Noah Reece

Boxing Instructor

Fitness isn't about a number on the scale or a certain clothing size. Fitness is about being a better, healthier, and happier person than you were yesterday. 

I stick with you through your health and wellness journey.  It is about the baby steps. First step – putting your shoes on. It is never too late to start your journey to well being.  Health and wellness is not about an event, it is about lifestyle changes.   

I truly believe that being healthy is a lifestyle. I focus on being healthy over being skinny and I love how healthy feels.

Marci  Bruley

Personal Trainer

​​​Janelle Rogers

Owner and Master Wellness Coach

With the knowledge I have for boxing I want to give back and share the sweet science with others.  While teaching the techniques and fundamentals of boxing I want others to not only receive a great workout but also learn how to box.  


​Racine, WI